VU Campus Center
Artificial Intelligence & Health


The purpose of the VU Campus Center for AI & Health is to fuel collaborations on the VU campus, to increase the visibility of the research in the AI & Health domain, with the ultimate goal to improve healthcare by developing, implementing and evaluating AI technologies.

 “The VU Campus Center brings together a unique multidisciplinary expertise in the area of AI and Health.”
Prof. Mark Hoogendoorn

Across Amsterdam the center will be connected to other partners (such as the UvA, CWI, etc.) through collaboration platforms such as Amsterdam Medical Data Science and Smart Health Amsterdam and the overarching collaboration in the Amsterdam AI Coalition themed “AI:Technology for People”. The position of the center in the context of these collaborations (non exhaustive) can be seen below.


At the VU Campus (i.e. the Vrije Universiteit and the Amsterdam UMC – Location VUmc) there is a huge scientific mass on AI & Health research. Research ranges from more fundamental research in the area of AI algorithms to research devoted to studying the potential of AI within specific health settings as well as its implementation in organizations.

The center for AI & Health will revolve around three pillars:

Technological Challenges

  • Safe AI techniques
  • Explainable AI
  • Hybrid intelligence
  • Data efficient learning algorithms
  • Sequential learning
  • Combining knowledge with data
  • Learning from unstructured data
  • Interaction between AI and people
  • Patient modeling

Health Challenges

  • Neurology (Dementia, MS and Parkinson) /Neuroscience
  • Cancer
  • Internal Medicine (e.g., systemic infections)
  • Intensive Care
  • Laboratory and Imaging (interpretation and integration)
  • Medication (selection and monitoring)
  • Primary prevention and Public Health
  • Mental Health

Implementation Challenges

  • How do medical institutions develop, implement, use, and manage AI technologies?
  • How do various AI technologies shape work over time?
  • How to include in the design of AI, practical insights taken from the field of work and organizations to help enable a responsible human-centric, digital society?
  • How do AI techniques contribute to improved wellbeing?
  • How does AI contribute to achieving the quadrupple aim (care, health, cost and meaning in work)?

About Us

We currently have a core management team with four members, covering the various disciplines and Faculties. Members are Marleen Huysman (SBE), Robert de Jonge (Amsterdam UMC), Heleen Riper (FGB), and Mark Hoogendoorn (Beta). 

Marleen Huysman

Robert de Jonge

Heleen Riper

Mark Hoogendoorn

The Campus Center coordinator and main contact is Yvonne Blokland. We are supported by an organizational team composed of Frank Bennis and Mieke Schulte.