Lies van Gennip started this month as quartermaster for the Health Data Infrastructure initiative. She will play an important role in the further development and positioning of the Health Data Infrastructure in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, implementation of the first areas of application and the connection with other national initiatives.

A national health data infrastructure makes data accessible for faster and better medical research. Aided by this infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions allow us to improve patient care, public health and disease prevention, and create economic impact. Valuable use of medical data for a healthy future.

Within the Amsterdam metropolitan region, Amsterdam Economic Board has initiated Health Data Infrastructure (GDI) with a consortium of 7 partners: Amsterdam UMC, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, OLVG, Philips, UvA, the VU and the Municipality of Amsterdam (with the action program Smart Health Amsterdam), in collaboration with Health RI, NLAIC and AI Technology for People.