Martijn Stuiver

  • Clinical Epidemiologist, Center for Quality of Life, Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Lector Functional Recovery from Cancer and its Treatment, Center of Expertise Urban Vitality, Faculty of Health, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Research Associate, Rehabilitation medicine , AmsterdamUMC
  • Research Associate, Amsterdam Movement Sciences
Research focus

Functional recovery from cancer and its treatment

Research Description:

My research is directed at functional recovery from cancer and its treatment, with an emphasis on the role of physical activity and exercise. This includes research into patients’ behavior, preferences, and unmet needs, effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions and how to support patients and healthcare professionals in the process. Areas of exploration are how the use of data and AI can improve clinical decision making by professionals, and whether  data collected with wearable technology can be used to support clinical reasoning as well as early detection of treatment toxicity and prevention of adverse events.

  • Technological challenges
  • Health challenges
  • Implementation challenges
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