Jeroen Lakerveld


Research Associate, Epidemiology and biostatistics, AUMC

Research Associate, APH – Health Behaviors & Chronic Diseases

Research focus

Environmental determinants of lifestyle behaviours and chronic disease risk

Research Description:

An increasing number of recent studies in environmental epidemiology are trying to capture numerous environmental exposures as parts of the ‘exposome’ (i.e., all non-heritable influences related to health). A challenge of this approach is to estimate the effects of mixtures of exposures, and considering the existing high correlations and interactions among them. The ‘traditional’ statistical approaches (usually linear regression models) are unlikely to suffice. For one reason, because of the multicollinearity. Highly correlated variables in the model can result in unstable parameter estimates with high standard errors. Another reason is that traditional linear methods are limited by the assumption of the linearity of the exposure-health associations. Therefore, parts of my research uses and explores more sophisticated statistical methods to unravel the health effects of multiple, simultaneous exposures, and to develop indices that explain/predict health behaviours and health outcomes.

  • Health challenges
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