Eco de Geus


Full Professor, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, Biological Psychology

Research focus

Repeated ambulatory measurements for person-specific stress profiles across real life settings

Research Description:

Stress is the buzzword of modern life, and stress-related health conditions form a major public health burden and a threat to wellbeing and economic competitiveness. Nevertheless, the shape and impact of stress in ecologically meaningful settings remain uncharted as the emotional, physiological, cognitive and behavioural stress responses in daily life have not been measured at sufficiently long time scales to truly understand their temporal dynamics and longer-term health impact. By focusing on repeated ambulatory measurements of contextual factors and the comprehensive, multicomponent (emotional, cognitive, physiological and behavioural) stress response in daily-life, our Stress-in-Action research is meant to create a major paradigm shift from common group comparisons in artificial lab settings towards examining person-specific stress profiles across real life settings. Increasing sophistication in these profiles will also allow for scientifically grounded just-in-time adaptive stress interventions to be iteratively engineered and researched throughout the project.

  • Health challenges
  • Technological challenges
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